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Kingsman Equine provides a range of high quality, innovative solutions focused on elite sport horse procurement, sales and associated services. At the heart of our services is a unique hybrid elite sport horse auction.


Innovation in elite sport horse services

Kingsman focuses on "the quality of the horse" and "honesty in the sale", in order to bring maximum satisfaction to both the seller and the buyer. No surprises, no sharp practices.

Our innovative Hybrid Elite Sport Horse Auction combines the convenience and ease of using a web platform with traditional in person auction at ring side.

Online auctions are on the increase in the equine world, but they are primarily hosted by studs or very large producers of horses, usually in one geographical location. The Kingsman Hybrid Elite Sport Horse Auction opens up and attracts this type of selling and buying to sellers of all sizes - from commercial stables to small independent producers and/or breeders from across Continental Europe, Ireland and the UK - and potential buyers from around the globe.


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What makes us different?

Kingsman Equine brings together the traditional elements of a physical auction with state-of-the-art online auction functionality, thereby increasing the pool of potential buyers based both domestically and internationally.


A new approach to auctionS

The Kingsman auction is an exciting new format that harnesses the power and reach of the internet and combines it with a traditional in-person auction ring. This innovative approach brings benefits to both buyers and sellers.


Equine experts

Kingsman has been set up by leading sport horse experts. We then partner with a roster of experienced breeders to select the best horses for sale - ensuring that only top-quality horses make the required grade to feature in our auctions.