Kingsman Equine - The Sport Horse People

Most credible business ideas grow out of frustration from not being able to obtain what you are specifically looking for in the market. Kingsman Equine is no exception.

The unique Kingsman format was born whilst struggling to find a credible one-stop-shop for purchasing quality sport horses. Our services combine the convenience and ease of using a web sales platform, auctions, and a bespoke expert ‘concierge’ service, tailored to your needs. All of our services are supported by world-class breeders/producers and top-tier marketing professionals.

Providing a range of high quality innovative solutions and services focused on the elite sport horse market, Kingsman offer new solutions in sport horse sales through our Elite Sport Horse Auctions, Kingsman 365, and Equine Concierge Services. You can learn more about these services in the video below!

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