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The Kingsman Equine team are proud to be supported and partnered with some of the leading names in sport horse breeding and competition. You can rest assured that our combined years of experience and knowledge will help you achieve the best from your sport horse sale or purchase.


Kingsman Partners


Suppliers and breeders


Jorgé Magarino - Belgium

Jorgé Magarino, is a 32 year old, horsedealer and breeder from Belgium specialising in the production and sale of young, top quality show-jumpers.

Jorge exports horses across the globe but has a particularly strong client base in England and understands the market and the requirements of the UK buyer.   All of Jorge's horses are strictly selected for their type, quality, soundness and proven bloodlines. He carefully selects horses from other breeders or they are the product of his own breeding programmes. To understand more about Jorge's work and review his references have a look at his website at :

We are also delighted to have Jorge on board as our selection agent for Belgium with him commenting that, "For me the Kingsman Equine, elite horse auction, is an opportunity to let all equestrians in the UK buy an unspoiled talented showjumper straight from the breeder in Belgium. I want people to buy in full trust and with a good feeling about their purchase. Their next superstar, is for sure, on the sales list of the Kingsman Equine auction."


Maartin Kamphuis - Holland

In the small neighbourhood Agelo in the provence Overijssel, Netherlands, where no more than 550 people live, equestrian lovers from all over the world find Lomanskampweg the stables of Maarten Kamphuis.  Maarten sells horses to purchasers from all over Europe and specialises in the production of top quality sport horses.

Maarten also has a very good reputation for finding high end sport horses to the exact requirements of his clients and prides himself with the results is able to achieve with the correct match of horse to rider where many riders are looking for.  Maarten states that "he is always excited to have the opportunity to bring fantastic continental horses to the UK where their ability and scope is always acknowledged."

Brand Ambassadors


Rob Whitaker

As the son of three-times Olympic showjumper John Whitaker MBE and with countless family members taking part in the sport, there was never any doubt about what Robert Whitaker’s career would be. He lived up to the Whitaker name in style from the start, winning six European team golds medals and an individual bronze at European pony, junior and young rider championships. He has represented his country on senior Nations Cup teams on more than 25 occasions and was among the British riders long-listed for the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

"I'm always pleased to see new opportunities to buy and sell top-quality sport horses especially in the UK.  From my dealings to date with guys at Kingsman it is clear that they are definitely focusing on the quality of the horses in their sale.  I am delighted to support the brand and to use the services they provide first-hand."


Jamie Wingrove

As a junior, Jamie gained a reputation as a capable and natural pony rider, always producing his ponies from novices. He enjoyed much success and the move on to horses was a natural one. Jamie spent time learning his trade in the established stables of Liz Edgar and later Tim Stockdale before setting up his own stables near Leamington Spa, Warwickshire. By now Jamie had met his long term partner Kirsty and together they continued to build their business into the successful jumping stables that it is today.

 In recent years Jamie has proven himself to be highly gifted at identifying and producing talented horses. In the past, Jamie has been very successful in producing  horses for sale but increasingly now we are privileged enough to also have owners that wish to hold on to their horses for the purpose of the sport. Jamie is continuing to cement his reputation as a top competitor as well as producer. 

"What I like about Kingsman is that they are creating some energy around the buying and selling of top equine talent in the UK.  There has always been a number of quality sales forums on the Continent and Ireland but not so many in the UK. I think that this format is one to watch."