Rob Withaker

“I'm always pleased to see new opportunities to buy and sell top-quality sport horses, especially in the UK. 

From my dealings to date with guys at Kingsman it is clear that they are definitely focusing on the quality of the horses in their sale.  I am delighted to support the brand and to use the services they provide first-hand.”

- Rob Withaker

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Julian Mincher

Kignsman Auction certainly was a good one for us!

We purchased 3 quality youngsters who we are very excited about. The food served throughout the day and the evening was really good, and both myself and my clients, some who had travelled from Dubai, were very well looked after from start to finish.

As with all new things there is some tweaks needed, but everyone seems to be listening and taking everything on board to make the next sale even bigger and better than this one. Well done to the whole team!

- Julian Mincher

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Richard Haines

“I am an accountant by trade, so I find it very hard to find time to exercise my horses. Johnathan works alongside me, schooling my horses and training me on a regular basis. We often go to shows together and he helps me in the collecting ring.”

- Richard Haines

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Hollie Clark

“I have been trained by Johnathan since I was twelve years old. He has guided me all through my BSJA journey and has been there for me through the highs and the lows.”

- Hollie Clark

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